My name is also Matt Evans

Cats Matt

I'm not a Filipino actor of American descent, I'm a British BSc. (Hons) Computing Graduate. Living and working in Munich while studying German.

Music dominates my life, My band is Whoo-ah! and I'm always looking for my new favourite band.

Please feel free to contact me by Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or Facebook.


Mac Sticky note Global Shortcut

Quickly Create a stickynote from any application.

The Long Walk

Photo documentary of a dream fulfilled. Ocean Village to Netley Hospital Chapel.

Should I accept a friend request from someone I don't know?

There are a few reasons not to become friends with that business or person you don't know. Maybe they'll scare you?

Stop always losing USB drives.

a tip that's too easy to ignore. rename your USB pen drive to your mobile number.

iTunes Smart Playlist

keep your own music library playing albums you've forgotten without fiddling around.

Fake Tilt Shift Photos with Instagram

a cool miniature toy world 'tilt shift' effect you can make using the instagram blur/focus effects.

How to Block schoolFeed on Facebook

Simple 5 steps to blocking schoolFeed and stopping school feed from spamming you on Facebook.

Convert FLAC to Apple Lossless (ALAC) on a Mac

Find out how to convert FLAC to ALAC and automatically import into iTunes on Mac OS X using free software.

Twitter and the accessibility of background images

With the increased use of Twitter as a Marketing and Communication tool by companies, and the ongoing trend of placing extended information in Twitter backgrounds; Are companies actually legally responsible for discriminating against users with disabilities? *Really Old Article*