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Odd looking friend request from someone that claims to be from Thame, apparently validated by being friends with people from Thame.

In case you haven’t thought about it, there are lots of reasons not to ‘become friends’ with ‘people’ that you do not know and businesses with personal facebook accounts.

Let’s name a few:


Your privacy setting for posts, contact details, photos essentially become public, unless they are specifically excluded by name or list.

Friend of Friend Privacy settings for tags, wall posts, essentially become public too, you do not know who they know either.


Spam. Their sole purpose could be to tag you in posts that your friends will see. Well Done, thanks for the spam. Most of it isn’t even for things I can buy, just web pages that steal your Facebook account and email details.

Scams and Social Engineering

Scams and Social Engineering. They can leverage mutual friendships and information they’ve learned through public and their ‘friends’ posts to scam you out of money. Maybe you’ll see through it? but they’ll play on doubt, some sort of story about how your friend travelling in South America is in trouble and needs you to transfer money. (I’ve read a similar story before, it happens but not to anyone I know)


By becoming friends with them, you’re encouraging your friends to do so as well. They’ll see that you’re a mutual friend and then at least subconsciously, feel social pressure to do so as well. This is why websites like to show you when your friends have liked their page.

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