May 18, 2014 ()

This year I’ve done my share of pondering while looking out into the distance across the Solent, and one of the things that’s caught my eye is a rather pointy looking building.

pointy looking building in the midst of a southampton sunrise

It turns out the pointy looking building is a little more than that, investigating walks along the coast I came across this route Southampton to Hamble-le-Rice featuring a similarly pointy looking building.

Adding 2 and 2, the spot on my horizon, beyond the new Ocean Village developments, is Netley Hospital Chapel and it’s only 5 miles away as part of the Royal Victoria Country Park.

My degree is almost over now, having handed in my final report last Friday, so I finally decided now was the time to go the distance and see the pointy building with my own eyes.

Crossing the Itchen Bridge for the 1st time in my 3 years living in Southampton:

Weston Water Front

Towers along the edge of the Solent

An here it is, Netley Hospital Chapel

(As it turned out, today was the day of a 10k run. )

View to the Water at Royal Victoria Country Park

Container Ship incoming to Southampton

Royal Victoria Country Park Southampton Panorama

Royal Victoria Country Park Southampton Panorama

Weston shore on the walk back

Today I broke my all time record, almost 20,000 steps logged by Moves. 9.6 Miles in total, this excludes my short jaunt into the city centre to get sun cream

BONUS PHOTO: 3D effect using the new Android Camera focus effect and Depthy

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